Services offered

From Talentum Biotech we offer a catalog of services based on our ample experience in the development of molecular modeling software in high performance computing architectures and its application to real industry problems, as well as other tightly related services.

Our services are mostly aimed at research groups and departments, both from biotechnological and pharma companies as from research centers and universities. Besides, some of them might be also of interest for other related industries, such as molecular cosmetics, foods, and agrochemicals.

The services we offer are the following ones:

  • Advanced Virtual Screening Technologies
  • Target Fishing and Therapeutic Target Characterization
  • Bioactive compound optimization and search for non-structural analogues
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Study and elucidation of interaction mechanisms
  • Experimental data analysis, interpretation and formulation of mechanisms
  • Bibliographical studies, elaboration and/or complementation of reports, scientific papers and application to national and international funding calls.

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